There ARE options when booking vacation homes other than the online travel agencies that charge as much as 23% in fees. Travelers can save that 23% simply by #BOOKING DIRECT. Many travelers that book vacation homes on major vacation rental sites are unaware it’s not truly direct. Those sites play as a middleman, stifling direct communication and adding hundreds of extra dollars to your transaction. In December 2016, VRBO and HomeAway were both purchased by Expedia for 4 BILLION dollars. Now, Expedia is on a mission to get that money back! Do you know where it’s going to come from? YOUR pockets! Expedia introduced a Service Fee in February of 2016 of 6-12%. These fees are applied to your payment when you complete the booking online on ANY of sites owned by Expedia.  Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and other OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) charge similar fees, except theirs are higher. Expect to pay 6-15% when using these sites.


Don’t Despair! You don’t have to pay Service Fees!!  There are alternatives to all OTAs!
Shoot me a message or an email at  if you have any questions about booking directly.  I’m here to help and will not charge you a Service Fee.  And, if you’re looking to book with me, #bookdirect either by calling me or by visiting my website at!