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Florida and the beach is the place for children of all ages. Here are some things to do while you are exploring our beautiful beaches. Sea shell collecting is a fun thing to do, as well as for keepsakes you can bring home. There are plenty of other activities in Panama City Beach to do with the kids at the beach, but here’s a few additional ideas:

  1. Flashlights on the beach at night:  What kid doesn’t love a flashlight? Many kinds of interesting creatures can be found crawling on the beach when the sun sets. When you put a light on the crabs, they will move quite quickly! Just bring a couple of flashlights with you in your bags.
  2. Metal Detectors:  You never know what kind of treasure you might find with a real treasure finder. You may rescue someone who has lost keys or jewelry in the sand. It might even pay off big!
  3. Snorkeling:  Discover a whole new world under the water’s surface! There are many varieties of fish in these waters, was well as sand dollars on the sandy floor.  This is an inexpensive way to explore a whole new world! Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera for photos you will treasure!
  4. Kite Flying:  This is great fun for the whole family as well as entertaining to your fellow beach goers! There is usually plenty of wind for kites to soar!
  5. Shelling:  Shells can be found along the entire 27-mile length of Panama City Beach – make sure you pack a mesh bag along with your towels and sunscreen whenever you hit the sand—and especially on the uninhabited and aptly named Shell Island, accessible by shuttle boat from the state park.
  6. Building Sandcastles:  Bring your shovels, buckets and sunscreen and build the most spectacular sandcastle you’ve ever built, limited only by your imagination!



Panama City Beach has 27-miles of beautiful beaches to choose from, and you’ll find a different experience at each stop along the way. Explore as much of Panama City Beach as you can! If you love long walks along the beach, you won’t find a better beach for it!


 “Back Beach Road” = Highway 98 = Panama City Beach Parkway

“Middle Beach Road” = Hutchinson Boulevard


“City Pier” =   Russell-Fields Pier


“County Pier” =  M.B. Miller Pier


“Fly-over” = the Hathaway Bay bridge crossing from Panama City Beach to